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Immersive Health
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Immersive Health is a place to learn how VR technology is positively impacting patients and healthcare providers across the world.

Immersive Health is powered by appliedVR. appliedVR is the leader in therapeutic virtual reality, transforming healthcare through the power of pixels.

Since its founding in 2015, appliedVR has delivered scientifically designed and validated digital health solutions to over 20,000 patients in more than 250 hospitals and in 8 countries globally. The company’s leading digital wellness platform has been used to impact chronic pain as well as acute pain and anxiety experiences before, after, and during surgery, child labor, oncology infusions, emergency room procedures, and rehabilitation sessions. Through a pipeline of medical and consumer products, appliedVR aims to build the de facto digital pain management platform and establish a new treatment paradigm for pain management in the hospital, clinic, and at home.

appliedVR was co-founded by experienced technology entrepreneurs, who teamed with world-renowned healthcare practitioners and academics, to create true societal change.


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